Welcome to EYEMIND and the start of your or your loved one’s recovery to clear, single, stable and comfortable vision.

We understand that you or your loved one find activities linked to vision very difficult and challenging at the moment.  Our program aims to assist in systematically building back visual skills.  With our Neuro Vision Rehabilitation program, we aim to assist in building visual systems back to a level where a patient can regain clear, comfortable, reliable vision and vision related functionality.  Just as it took the brain and visual system a long time to gradually and systematically build the vision skills and integration with all other senses, so the process of rehabilitation will need time, patience, dedication and persistence. We know it will at times be difficult and frustrating, but we are here to help, assist and guide our patients through the process. 

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It is very important to have a complete vision exam where eye muscle functions, binocular eye movement, hand-and-eye coordination and perceptual aspects of vision are thoroughly examined.  Your first stop at our center will be at DE JONGH OPTOMETRY for a full visual evaluation.  There are various assistance options available.   Sometimes a small change to the spectacle lens prescription, a special lens filter or a little bit of visual rehabilitation can make a big difference in re-organizing visual system.


In 2016 Deidre de Jongh started further development of academic proficiency in Neuro-Optometry with a view of participating in the rehabilitation of the patient with traumatic brain injury while advocating the benefit of vision rehabilitation as a supporting therapy in a multidisciplinary approach.

Deidre is a member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA) which was established 20 years ago as an organization to bring together practitioners of all fields that help in the rehabilitation of the patient with traumatic brain injury, stroke or neurological deficits.

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